Modular Electric Freight on Rail

Rail is safer and more efficient way to move freight. Parallel’s modular vehicle system creates new opportunities to ship containers by rail by enabling short-haul and point-to-point rail movements. Parallel’s advanced software integrates seamlessly with existing yard and mainline train control systems, and powerful onboard algorithms are being developed to enhance the safety of the rail environment. Our unique rail vehicle moves standard dry van and refrigerated freight through the existing rail network. Each vehicle can carry a fully loaded shipping container and can be unloaded using standard lifting equipment.

Modular Electric Freight on Rail
Zero emissions

Parallel’s battery-electric rail vehicles use just 25% of the energy compared to a semi-truck, and offer competitive total cost of ownership to trucks. Our unique architecture combines the low rolling resistance inherent to rail with superior aerodynamic efficiency in the platoon configuration, and a highly efficient, low-maintenance electric powertrain. Less energy means smaller batteries, less strain on the grid, and lower charging infrastructure costs.

Stop, Fast

Parallel vehicles are equipped with high-bandwidth hydraulic brake systems that stop vehicles and platoons more rapidly than comparable freight trains. Redundant braking electronics prevent wheel slip and maximize the stopping force. Our sophisticated braking system pairs with dynamic safety sensors that monitor the track for hazards, improving the safety environment for railway personnel and members of the public alike.

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All Digital

Each vehicle continuously monitors thousands of sensor readings to ensure the vehicle is operating safely and efficiently. Vehicle status and location is uploaded to our servers in real-time, and these data are made available to existing railroad train control and business systems. Our system provides railroads with a more comprehensive view of their network than ever before. Our software uses predictive models to monitor onboard vehicle systems, making it easy to schedule preventative maintenance to avoid operational downtime.

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Designed to Integrate

Parallel’s software platform seamlessly integrates with existing train control systems, enabling operation across common Methods of Operation, including CTC, Yard Limits, Restricted Limits, TWC and ABS territories. Platoons move through the rail network with strict adherence to host railroad rulebooks, bulletins, and operating practices. Parallel APIs provide access to real-time data at the fleet, vehicle and platoon level, and may be integrated with existing rail business systems to augment existing capabilities.

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Up to 500 mile range

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Camera based perception system

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10x shorter braking distance than trains

Modular System Highlights

Enabling Future Terminals

Parallel enables smaller, cleaner, cheaper terminals to be built close to shippers and receivers and enables nearly any existing rail-served site to add containers and trailers to its portfolio. More accessible terminals allow railroads to open new markets and reduce last-mile delivery costs. Or, improve the efficiency of existing intermodal terminals by mixing Parallel vehicles with conventional rail and truck traffic.

Open railroad crossings

Parallel platoons will reduce waiting times at railroad crossings. The platoons are shorter than traditional trains, and the vehicles will keep crossings clear by automatically separating if they must wait for other rail traffic to pass, allowing emergency vehicles and the public to safely proceed without delays.